Sweet Imprints

During the 1947 Partition, Thaakuma had to make her journey across the border to Kolkata alone. While she couldn’t carry much, a few Chhaanch made this perilous journey with her. Though they may be a bit rough around the edges due to the passage of time, they are still in a pristine condition to leave their mark.

The Clock from Sindh

This clock became a witness for the life and times of the Malkani family when it was acquired by them in 1945. Its time-keeping began in Karachi, Sindh (present-day Pakistan) where my grandfather, Arjun Malkani, fifth among his ten siblings, lived.

The Bengali Bonti

The Bonti is a kitchen instrument that is used in Indian households to peel, chop, shred, slice and dice vegetables and fruits, especially in the states of Bengal, Assam, Orissa.

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